Technology Readiness Levels (TRL)

Market maturity is expressed in TRL (Technology Readiness Level) on a scale of 1 to 9.

Green Energy Park has expanded this scale to 13.

For companies focusing on innovation, it is important that the innovation is known both internally and externally allowing the company to fully exploit its innovation and realise an efficient go-to-market.

TRL 10 to 13 is about the organisation of education and training.

Research & Development

The park supports companies in their research in the areas of “Energy and mobility transition”, “Hospital of the future” and “Smart region”.

Companies can rely upon the expertise of the research groups of the VUB (Free University of Brussels) and the UZB (University Hospital of Brussels).


TRL 1 – 3


TRL 4 – 6


TRL 7 – 8

Living Lab & Showcase

The CO2-neutral smart multi energy grid, the green data centre, the industrial labs, … offer unique opportunities for companies and research institutes to develop and demonstrate their innovative solutions efficiently.

Education & Training

The park guides and supports companies in the education and training of their employees, consultancies and end users in the implementation and use of their innovative technology.




EDUCATION & Training

TRL 10-13