The Green Energy Park is a CO2-neutral, realistic living lab equipped with a large-scale electric grid, an ultra-low temperature heat grid and extensive electric mobility possibilities.

A green data centre will support the park with the necessary computing power needed to develop sustainable, high-tech solutions.

Anyone who is part of this “CO2 Neutral Smart Multi Energy Grid” can supply and consume energy.

The main energy supply comes from the residual heat of the data centre, as well as from renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy.

This energy is stored in batteries, electric cars, heat buffers and underground energy storage.


The Green Energy Park has the medical-technical infrastructure to develop new technologies that can be tested both academically and by end users of the nearby Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel (University Hospital of Brussels – UZB).

In concrete terms, this means setting up an operating room, clean rooms, intensive care and isolation rooms, for research of the ventilation, air hygiene, lighting and digital technologies. Ultimately, the living lab will allow us to study the interactions between these different medical rooms.

The Green Energy Park is located just 600 metres at a bird’s-eye view from the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel (University Hospital of Brussels – UZB). This allows medical staff, doctors and surgeons to test and validate new medical and technological innovations.

This unique collaboration between technological and medical experts makes it possible to develop the sustainable care and technological infrastructure of the future.


The Green Energy Park is a smart region that is used as a living lab for the development of innovative building techniques, new communication and IT technologies and digital developments such as self-driving cars.

In concrete terms, this means the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, VR/AR, internet of things, cybersecurity, intelligent building management systems.

Applied to the other research areas, this leads to self-driving cars, smart buildings, smart hospitals, …