Green Energy Park has a CO2-neutral, realistic living lab in an existing working and living environment, unique in Europe.

This “multi energy grid” is equipped with a large-scale electric grid, an ultra-low temperature heat network with extensive electric mobility possibilities in an existing business park.

Everyone who is part of this “CO2 Neutral Smart Multi Energy Grid” can both supply and consume energy.

The CO2-Neutral Smart Multi Energy Grid is:

  • Large-scale: An electric capacity of up to 2 x 20 MW, a thermal capacity of 2 MW and an own, sustainable electricity production of up to 13MW, make large-scale research projects possible.
  • Multi-energy: All the different forms of energy are integrated with each other, making it possible to refine the interaction between the energy vectors.
  • Realistic: This is not a theoretical experiment. The various developments can be tested against the experiences of end users.


Green Energy Park has the medical-technical infrastructure to develop new technologies that can be tested both academically and by end users of the nearby Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel (University Hospital Brussels – UZB).

The focus is on research into improving ergonomics, comfort, hygiene, digitisation and the interaction between technology and medical activities, especially in the operating theatre, intensive care, clean rooms and isolation rooms.

Green Energy Park is located at a bird’s-eye view just 600 meters from the UZB. This allows medical staff, doctors and surgeons to test and validate new medical and technical innovations.


A green data center will support Green Energy Park with the necessary processing power to be able to develop sustainable, high-tech solutions.

From this datacenter a digital living lab will be built over the entire research park, where new developments such as cloud applications, mobile communication and new technology can be tested in function of “smart cities” or “smart regions” in a large-scale, realistic living lab.