Green Energy Park (GEP) is a joint project of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University of Brussels – VUB) and the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel (University Hospital of Brussels – UZB) which purpose is to develop and operate a research campus in the Researchpark of Zellik with a focus on the following three research domains:

  • Energy and mobility transition
  • Hospital of the future
  • Smart regions

With this research campus, Green Energy Park aims to bridge the gap between research, innovation, realisation and exploitation, by acting as a large-scale living lab, expertise and training centre.



Green Energy Park wants to make the future possible by offering research facilities, services, education, knowledge, experience and network to those who want to work today on tomorrow’s solutions through cooperation and innovation.


Green Energy Park wants to bridge the gap between research, development, innovation on the one hand and realization and exploitation on the other. By offering its large-scale living labs to companies and knowledge institutions, it wants to support research and the development, testing and application of new solutions.

Green Energy Park wants to collaborate and stimulate strategic partnerships, even where this is less obvious. Because Green Energy Park is convinced that bringing together knowledge and experience, stimulating transfer and interaction or the creation of “Microgrid of Brains” is the only way to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Green Energy Park will also open its living labs to schools, colleges, universities and the general public, so that the society, young and old, can discover today the solutions for tomorrow.



Green Energy Park clearly focusses on a total innovation project. Research and Development, Living Lab and Showcase as well as Education and Training have their place within Green Energy Park.


Green Energy Park is located in Flanders, near Brussels, capital of the European Union. In a green and healthy environment with space for everyone, easily accessible internationally.

Living Labs

Green Energy Park offers companies and knowledge institutions all the infrastructure needed in the research and development of their innovative solutions. The Living Labs are therefore a unique environment to make this innovation possible.


Green datacenter

The sustainable data center offers sufficient computing power to meet all data requirements related to research and development.