We give you space to explore innovative ideas


Going further, digging deeper, asking discerning questions, testing – it’s all in our DNA, and in yours too. We know how important it is to have room to gradually test boundaries and carry out reality checks on your research findings. This is exactly where Green Energy Park comes into its own: making your life easier. And that of course includes providing top-class facilities. We’re not just talking about offices or meeting rooms in every possible configuration. You can safely say our living labs are one of our greatest assets.

In our Smart Village Lab, for example, you can “play around” with energy and climate ideas. It features a realistic, carbon-neutral living lab in an existing working and living environment, unique in Europe.

What can you expect?

Six houses that exchange electrical and thermal energy via a Smart Energy Grid, an energy network to which collective energy systems are connected, including community batteries and charging infrastructure for electric cars. Here, you can model countless scenarios and find out how and when different technologies can be used and how best to let them interact. For example, solar panels could be linked to an electric car, a home battery, a washing machine or a heat pump, and the community battery could be charged at off-peak times.

Thanks to our green data centre, you’ll be able to take all your high-tech innovations to a whole new level, ticking all the sustainability boxes. As well as the servers of UZ Brussel and VUB, it currently houses the latest-generation supercomputer. The Flemish supercomputer Tier-1 is due to be installed in 2025. Our researchers can barely wait – how about you?

What can you expect?

Power! More than enough to pursue all your innovative ideas. Most importantly, this will be sustainable power. Because the building – around 10,000 m² in size and spread over eight floors – uses 100% renewable energy, some of it generated locally. Our “sustainable by design” data centre delivers maximum energy efficiency and is the only one of its kind in Belgium. Recover heat from the servers, use rainwater for cooling and make maximum use of circular materials: tick, tick, tick. So what are you waiting for? Enter the world of quantum computing today and unleash your innovation project’s big data on our supercomputer.

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