We give you space to explore innovative ideas


Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent solution, small- or large-scale facilities, a meeting room or a fully equipped living lab, or you’re not quite sure exactly what you need, everything is open to discussion at our innovation campus. So if your research group, start-up, spin-off, scale-up or company is looking for an accessible central location where you can see your ideas come to life, Green Energy Park is the ideal solution.


Team up with a university research group to develop your idea further, get in touch with investors or companies with the potential to market your product or simply have a chat with people who are working on similar projects – you can do all this and more at Green Energy Park.


Extra brainpower, extra (wo)manpower: one of our greatest strengths is the pivotal role we play in the ecosystem. We will sit down with you and look at how market-ready your idea or product is, then provide you with all the support you need. At Green Energy Park, we take your worries away so you can focus on what you’re really good at.

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