Platform technologies

Here’s what we love at Green Energy Park: technologies that can help you make a big difference, in many sectors and for a wide range of applications. And we’re not alone in this. The European Commission also supports developments in platform technologies and key enabling technologies (KETs) and encourages partnerships in research, development and exploring commercial options.

Robotics is a great example. Do you want to explore the limits of robots in automated production lines in the automotive industry? Are you conducting research on the use of robots in rehabilitation therapy or on their impact on people in physically demanding jobs? Are you investigating the role and potential of robots in operating theatres? Then Green Energy Park is the ideal solution.

Battery technology is another area where we’re seeing advances. Capacity, storage and anything else battery-related: in our living labs with sustainable energy systems, you can test, monitor and optimise your solution and explore its practical applications to your heart’s content.

Energy and climate

Technological innovation provides a solution to calls for a sustainable energy transition. You can test more or less anything in our carbon-neutral multi-energy grid.


Combine research knowledge from academia with new developments and technologies in industry. Come and test innovative ideas in a safe and realistic environment.

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